Opportunities in the Skilled Trades and Technical School Education

Instructor with student in Shop Class

Why should you consider entering the skilled trades or technical school education? What was once an exception has become an expectation among the millions of graduating high school students:  acceptance into a traditional college or university to earn a four-year degree.  Whether or not our students know what they will do when/if they graduate, is […]

Improve Efficiency and Lower Fuel Costs with the Hurst Stackmaster Economizer

Engineered Energy Equipment recommends the Hurst internal stack economizer, a factory-optional device that increases the efficiency of a boiler by cutting down on its operational costs (including fuel costs) over the lifetime of the boiler. The Hurst Stackmaster acts as a waste recovery device, as some heat energy is inevitably lost when the flue glasses […]

Reduce Fuel Consumption with a New Boiler

Increase efficiency and lower fuel consumption

With fuel prices skyrocketing and the need to conserve natural resources and “go green,” many boiler room engineers are investing in upgrading their equipment to reduce fuel consumption and increase boiler room efficiency. Heating oil alone has jumped from two ($2) dollars a gallon to five ($5) dollars a gallon over the past few months. So […]

EEE Recommends Sterlco® Temperature Control Valves

Automated and Trouble-Free Operation for your Boiler Room Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) recommends the Sterlco®150-G Temperature Control Valve and Sterlco® 56T Temperature Control Valve that provide automatic, versatile, and efficient design to provide heating applications as well as cooling functions. EEE recommends Sterlco® Temperature Control Valves, because they are designed to help your systems run efficiently […]

Expressing Gratitude for the Boilers in our Lives

Thank a Boilerman

There are so many areas of our lives that we take for granted. We don’t tend to think about how power grids or the sewage system works, even if they are more than deserving of our gratitude. Similarly, many people don’t know what boilers do or why they should be thankful for them. For Thanksgiving, […]

Choosing the RITE Boiler for your Craft Brewery: Brewmasters Need a Dependable Solution

Boilerman Kevin Warren working on the boiler at Playalinda Brewing

Brewery steam requirements can double or triple in as little as a few seconds, so selecting a boiler that is up for the task is imperative.  Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) represents Rite boilers:  a perfect fit for food and beverage producers.  Their low-pressure steam boilers have long been the boiler of choice for craft breweries, […]

Don’t Wait for THE PERFECT STORM to Inspect your Stack and Cap

While maintenance of the cap and stack is always important, it should be a major priority during the rainy season, when boiler rooms are more prone to water intrusion during torrential storms. As summer swiftly approaches, so does Florida’s hurricane season.  Though we are not meteorologists at Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE), we can make some […]