Engineered Energy Equipment recommends the Hurst internal stack economizer, a factory-optional device that increases the efficiency of a boiler by cutting down on its operational costs (including fuel costs) over the lifetime of the boiler.

The Hurst Stackmaster acts as a waste recovery device, as some heat energy is inevitably lost when the flue glasses (resulting from combusion) are vented. Economizers capture heat from the exhaust flue and return it to the boiler by heating the incoming feedwater. By heating the feedwater, the boiler does not have to expend as much fuel to turn the water into steam = fuel savings = cost savings.

“Fuel prices have never been higher in the US, and fuel costs remain the top expense when running an industrial boiler. As sales and service technicians, our goal is to decrease the cost of running the boiler while we increase the efficiency and life expectancy of one of our clients’ largest investments,” said the Boilerman of EEE, BT Kevin Warren.

Yes, investing in a Hurst Stackmaster Economizer not only prevents heat loss, it has been designed to extend the life of the boiler while preventing unnnecessary operational costs.

“Stresses from using cooler temperature make-up water, known as “thermal shock”, can subject wear and tear on the boiler’s structural integrity over time. This shock effect occurs as the boiler’s fixed tube-sheets and fire-tubes rapidly contract from the sudden make-up of cooler temperature water. However, when this water is pre-heated, the temperature differential is far less extreme, putting less strain on the boiler and giving it a longer operating life.” https://www.hurstboiler.com/boilers/scotch_marine/stackmaster

Hurst’s innovation has propelled the industry toward increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs for operators of industrial boilers, and EEE is proud to serve as the manufacturer’s representative for Hurst Boiler in Central Florida.

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