Over the course of five decades, Autoflame has evolved from a regional service provider into a world-class international recognized organization.

Built upon a solid foundation of boiler house expertise, Autoflame is today the global market leader in combustion management solutions.

With over 20,000 systems currently in operation globally, Autoflame burner controls are now specified as standard equipment in the boiler rooms of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. Autoflame has partnerships with more than 100 technology centers worldwide, providing local engineering, installation and support for Autoflame systems. These centers have been thoroughly vetted for quality and reliability, and they receive regular training to ensure they are up to date with the latest innovations. Whether developing advanced burner control systems, providing service and commissioning support, or upgrading existing plant with retrofit packages, we are committed to delivering high quality, innovative and effective solutions for our clients virtually anywhere in the world.

Micro-Modulating system offering comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boilers/burners.

Micro-Modulating system offering complete burner management, Ideal for budget applications.

Displaying two years of CEMS data.

Efficiently manage the boiler room from a local PC or BMS system.