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What is a High Efficiency Gas Boiler?

High efficiency, or condensing, boilers use ninety percent of their energy, saving money for the individual or business who possesses it. These boilers waste only ten percent of the energy produced.

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What is a Burner Management System?

A burner management system or BMS is an engineered hazard control oil and gas operators use to ensure a process heater’s safe start-up, operation, and shutdown. There are manual and automatic burner management systems.

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Selas Heat Technology Representative Network

Engineered Energy Equipment Joins Selas Heat Technology Representative Network

Selas Heat Technology LLL has announced that Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) has joined their representative network. EEE, based in Lakeland, FL, has been appointed Selas’s authorized representative for Selas’ combustion equipment in Florida. Selas Heat Technology LLC has a century-long history of supplying one of the world’s broadest ranges of industrial combustion equipment through its five core brands: Selas, Pyronics, Red Ray, Ensign Ribbon Burner, and Ray Burner.

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What is a Temperature Control Valve?

Temperature Control Valves, also called temperature regulators, regulate temperatures in boilers. There are two types of control valves. Self-actuated or self-operated control valves work without an external power source. Externally actuated valves need an external power source to function. Consult a heating professional to understand which one is better for your needs.

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