Sterling’s future is built on a strong past, dating back to 1916, when Sterling Engineering Company began manufacturing valves, traps, and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems. New generations of these products are still offered today as part of the Sterling Steam Control family.

Today, with more than 100 years of application experience, a diverse engineering staff, state-of-the art engineering design capabilities including custom applications, we are uniquely positioned to meet your individual requirements and system specifications.

Sterlco® Condensate Units set a new standard of performance for pumping condensate water in a steam system.

Thicker tank wall design and wear-resistant pump seals keep the system running longer and require less maintenance.

Sterlco® Boiler Feed Units are reliable and efficient at maintaining proper water levels.

Each unit features heavy-duty cast iron receivers for long operating life.

Sterlco® Centrifugal Pumps for condensate and boiler feed units are designed to keep the motor shaft from being exposed from water and improve serviceability.

The motor and impleller are removable without disturbing piping connections.

Control and protection are critical to the success of your operation. Sterlco® self-modulating temperature control valves are temperature actuated, self-powered, fully balanced, and applicable to heating or cooling processes using water, oil, steam or other fluids.

Strainers are available in a sturdy, red brass (steam bronze) casting or heavy cast iron body. The integrated brass wire or stainless steel screens are easily accessible for simple clean out to continue to operate at peak performance levels.

Sterlco® Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps, Thermostatic Radiator Traps, and Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are engineered to operate at the highest efficiency and are long lasting with rugged construction.

Sterlco® Radiator Valves feature practical, simple design for your steam or hot water heating systems.
The valves for a two-pipe system are made in a number of different patterns: angle, straightway, right hand or left hand.