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Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. was formed in December 2005 as a manufacturer representative company that would provide equipment sales throughout the state of Florida to offer reliable, efficient and cost effective boiler, burner, control, and boiler room auxiliary support equipment.


Our team at Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. maximizes our efforts to sell, support and service the great equipment we represent.  We have assembled a team with 100+ years of experience, and we are well known throughout the boiler, burner and combustion industry.  Our team members possess exceptional skills that provide great opportunities for our customers and our vendors to provide, maintain and operate reliable and efficient equipment at a reasonable cost.


We approach these opportunities with the highest level of enthusiasm and excitement while remaining cautious and caring.  Always mindful of those who have and will entrust their process and production to our expertise, we strive to fulfill and surpass our obligations and commitment to our customers.


As sales engineers, we have learned that the correct equipment selection is vital for proper function and operation of the physical plant.  We have learned the importance of maintaining the operational capability of the physical plant and acknowledge that teamwork is essential to accomplish the various tasks that are required to do so.


Our team at Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. is more than capable of any task regarding the marketing, sale, support and service to our customers.  We did not start this venture to fit into this industry; we aim to deliver satisfaction to our customers by building a reputation of providing state of the art equipment: boilers, burners, controls, and boiler room auxiliary support equipment.


Simply, we seek to provide the best equipment while ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.


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