Automated and Trouble-Free Operation for your Boiler Room

Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) recommends the Sterlco®150-G Temperature Control Valve and Sterlco® 56T Temperature Control Valve that provide automatic, versatile, and efficient design to provide heating applications as well as cooling functions.

EEE recommends Sterlco® Temperature Control Valves, because they are designed to help your systems run efficiently and maintain temperature, flow and pressure to maximize uptime. https://www.sterlcosteam.com/product_category/temperature-control-valves/

“Temperature control and protection are critical to the success of your boiler room operation,” said Boiler Technician Kevin Warren.” Sterlco® self-modulating temperature control valves are temperature actuated, self-powered, fully balanced, and applicable to heating or cooling processes using water, oil, steam or other fluids. https://eeeinc.net/sterlco/

Because EEE is a manufacturer’s representative for Sterlco®, Engineered Energy Equipment can provide state-of-the-art equipment for boiler rooms including the Sterlco®150-G and 56T temperature control valves:

The Sterlco® 150-G Temperature Control Valve

With a versatile design, the direct acting D-150-G valve can provide heating applications, while the reverse acting R-150-G can be used for cooling functions. After installing and setting the desired temperature ranges, the valves can operate entirely on their own. Best of all, with the 150-G series, there’s no need to disassemble when cleaning the control during maintenance. Access the control through the inlet and outlet, keep the bulb clean; and the valve will continue to work smoothly.  

The Sterlco® 56T Temperature Control Valve

A reverse acting valve, the 56T is a modulating control valve like its versatile 150-G relatives. By responding to changes in temperature sensed by the sensing bulb, the valve will open and close, controlling the flow of water or other fluids through the valve. Incredible performers in hydraulic power packaged equipment and hydraulic presses, the 56T boasts an efficient design while also providing eight different size options for various applications.

With over one hundred (100) years of experience manufacturing valves, traps, and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems, Sterlco® Steam is a respected industry veteran that is always aiming to provide devices and tools that can be customized for individual specifications and applications. As proud partners of Sterlco®, we know that their products produce results, and that’s how EEE carefully selects our manufacturers and our products to include boilers, burners, controls, and boiler room equipment.

EEE’s Boilerman and Director of Sales Kevin Warren said, “The Sterlco® 150-G and 56T temperature control valves are a favorite among our clients for their compact design, double union for easy installation from any position, stainless steel thermostat bellow for trouble-free operation, and much more.” He added, “When our service team is working in boiler rooms throughout Florida, Engineered Energy Equipment chooses Sterlco® temperature control valves for their simple and efficient design and heavy duty construction for a longer life.

Our team at Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. maximizes our efforts to sell, support and service the great equipment we represent.  We have assembled a team with 100+ years of experience, and we are well known throughout the boiler, burner and combustion industry.  Our team members possess exceptional skills that provide great opportunities for our customers and our vendors to provide, maintain and operate reliable and efficient equipment at a reasonable cost.

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