There are so many areas of our lives that we take for granted. We don’t tend to think about how power grids or the sewage system works, even if they are more than deserving of our gratitude. Similarly, many people don’t know what boilers do or why they should be thankful for them. For Thanksgiving, we are highlighting how boilers support our lives in various industries. Please like our Facebook page, where we thank each of our fantastic boiler, burner, controls and boiler room equipment manufacturers:


Boilers in Healthcare Facilities

While first responders and other medical professionals are busy serving their communities, boilers and boilermen are there to support them. During the Covid-19 shut-down, Engineered Energy Equipment was considered an essential service, and our boilermen were charaterized as “first responders.” Boilers are used for a multitude of purposes in hospitals. While managing the heating and humidity are one of the chief roles of boilers in healthcare settings, boilers are also used to facilitate the sterilization of medical equipment. No sterilized equipment = no surgical procedures.

Boilers in Car Manufacturing

Who knew cars running on horsepower engines are being put together with boiler power? In the automotive industry, steam is used to produce carbon fiber for different parts of cars and even to create vulcanized rubber for the tires.

Boilers in Laundromats

When you swipe a credit card or pop a coin in at the laundromat with a laundry basket in tow, the last thing on your mind is what’s providing the hot water for your washing machine. Boilers not only help provide the tons of hot water needed to get your clothes through the wash, but they’re also used to power steam irons too.

Boilers in Distilleries and Breweries

While you’re at the bar enjoying a craft beer by the name of Tragic Clowns or some other whimsical title, just know that it’s the boilers and burners that delivered that delicious brew into your hands.

Just as we express gratitude for the technology that keeps us connected, or our AC unit on a scorching day; boilers are an integral part of society worth being grateful for too.

Along with their boiler, burner, controls, and boiler room equipment manufacturers, Engineered Energy Equipment provides state-of-the-art equipment to companies ranging from distilleries to food producers to hospitals to theme parks.

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