We provide cost-effective solutions for your business’s steam and hot water applications at Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. (EEE). Many of our services involve pretty complex steam boilers. Do not worry. This article will answer your steam boiler questions!

What is a Steam Boiler?

An article on the IQS Directory website, a list of OEM industrial manufacturers and suppliers, defines a steam boiler as “a steam producing heating system.”

How Does a Steam Boiler Work?

The Spruce, a website that offers home and garden information, describes the function of a steam boiler system with clarity by writing, “A steam boiler system distributes heat via steam. The boiler furnace heats the water with a gas or oil burner, and the water is turned into steam. The steam is then pushed into the radiators in each room.”

What are the Parts of a Steam Boiler?

Each kind of steam boiler possesses several common elements.

How do you Size a Steam Boiler?

To correctly size a steam boiler, you must know how much heat the boiler can contain, or British Thermal Units per hour (BTUh). Calculating the correct size of a steam boiler is different from measuring the size of a hot water boiler. Please visit https://bit.ly/3G7iuIR to learn more.

How do you Clean a Steam Boiler?

It is best to clean your steam boiler with one pound of trisodium phosphate for every fifty gallons of water. After adding TSP to the water, heat the boiler to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it at this temperature for two hours. It is vital not to allow the boiler to create steam while cleaning. Then, drain the boiler and refill it with fresh, clean water.

How Long Does a Steam Boiler Last?

It is essential to take care of your steam boiler properly by checking the water levels weekly, flushing out the sediment weekly, and calling professionals each season to check the system. If you routinely complete these three steps, the article from The Spruce mentioned above says, “Steam boilers are generally reliable and can run for 15 to 30 years or more.”

The IQS Directory article mentioned above writes, “Steam boilers have been identified as potentially dangerous and unsafe devices,” writes the steam boiler article on the IQS Directory. If you need assistance with your steam boiler, please call Engineered Energy Equipment for our expert assistance.

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