Engineered Energy Equipment is proud to introduce AUTOFLAME’s patent-pending UV scanner.

Boiler and burner management are essential in running an efficient and safe system. Engineered Energy Equipment‘s partner AUTOFLAME has become an industry-standard locally and internationally by providing state-of-the-art controls and monitoring equipment such as the Flame-Trim UV scanner.

Efficiency = less fuel = cost savings = increased Return on Investment (ROI)

The Flame Trim UV Scanner is a solid-state tool that creates a steady and light-speed combustion state. By channeling the UV sensor at the center of the flame, the Flame-Trim can detect changes in a flame at light speed. By utilizing the UV measurements from the scanner, you can trim the combustion.

AUTOFLAME‘s patent-pending technology increases combustion efficiency and reduces harmful emissions, as the Flame-Trim optimizes resources and minimizes waste.

In addition to the Flame-Trim UV Scanner, AUTOFLAME has a well-earned reputation of creating systems for overall boiler and combustion management. The Mk8 MM, a Micro-Modulating System, is one of the best controllers available. With the Mk8 MM, you can control all boiler or burner processes from one multi-touch screen interface. Best of all, instead of adding on additional modules or hardware for draught control or bottom blowdown, the MK8 MM has software unlocks for advanced features so you can save on parts and labor costs. MORE COST SAVINGS!

The MK8 MM also pairs well with the Mk8 DTI (Data Transfer Interface). With the Mk8 DTI, you can collect and store data from up to 10 AutoFlame Products for a 2-year rolling period. Whether you want to use the on-site touch screen, a local PC, or a remote BMS system, the performance of your boilers can be logged and managed. By using the Mk8 DTI, combustion and boiler management becomes a much more streamlined process and helps you measure performance over time.

With an over 50-year history and as a partner to 100 technology centers globally, Engineered Energy Equipment highly recommends AUTOFLAME as a trustworthy vendor with top-notch engineering technology solutions for combustion and boiler management.

Engineered Energy Equipment is your one-stop-shop for finding equipment like AUTOFLAME’s patent-pending UV scanner: Flame-Trim to reduce fuel consumption and increase boiler room efficiency. Our team and our manufacturers provide energy saving strategies that not only reduce fuel costs and increase boiler efficiency but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions that promote a healthier workplace and create a cleaner environment. #ProductsThatProduceResults