Veterans suicide is an increasing problem in the United States. “The most wonderful time of the year” can be especially tough for our veterans who have served in the armed forces and are returning home and/or rejoining civilian life. The transition itself is very stressful, and approximately 14 to 16% of veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan are estimated to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression.

According to the 2021 Annual National Veteran Suicide Prevention Report, in 2019 there was an estimated 17 veteran suicides each day. Veterans may not exhibit signs of depression or PTSD, but the following can be warning signs that could lead to suicidal thoughts, self-harm, or suicide. More information is available at the Veterans Crisis Line:

–Appearing sad or depressed most of the time

–Hopelessness; feeling like there’s no way out

–Anxiety, agitation, sleeplessness, or mood swings

–Feeling as if there is no reason to live

–Feeling excessive guilt, shame, or sense of failure

–Rage or anger

Co-founded by Boiler Technician Kevin Warren, a USN veteran and Navy Chief, Engineered Energy Equipment works in an industry that proudly employs and supports veterans and their families. Did you know that veterans are at a 50% higher risk for suicide? There is help available! If you are a veteran experiencing depression, or if you know someone who is; help is as close as clicking this link: Https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/get-help/hotline

As Chief Warren transitioned from 23 years in the Navy to civilian life, he followed the only career path he knew: being a boilerman. “When the US Navy taught me how to boil water at Boiler Technician “A” School in 1976, it started me on a career path of unforeseen adventure, and the opportunity to meet some of the hardest working, most dedicated people that keep the world moving. From sterilization for hospitals, to the making and packaging of all types of beverages, and pre-cooked foods, I saw an application for boilers beyond Navy ships,” said Warren. 

He added, “Being a Boiler Technician is not a glamourous job; however, it has been a very rewarding life knowing I’ve made a difference in countless lives and met some of the most selfless people that walk the planet.”

To all those who stand the watch, keep the plant on-line; and live in the belly of the beast; we salute you!

At Engineered Energy Equipment, we want every veteran who is suffering from suicidal thoughts to rediscover hope in their lives and engage in their own passions. Much like the Boiler Technicians (BT’s) in the Navy, the many veterans who are struggling with suicidal thoughts often go unnoticed. We want to change that by continuing to raise awareness concerning veteran mental health issues in our social media and blog posts. Please follow us to learn more.

In 2022, we will be promoting fundraising opportunities to assist some veteran-led organizations like Operation Helping Hand in Tampa, where they raise funds and raise awareness of the needs of our injured, active duty military and their families.

As a company that focuses on the sales of boilers, it’s a given that EEE cares about the longevity of our boilers. Nevertheless, boilers can and always will be replaceable once their usefulness has expired. However, the lives of the people who have bravely served our country are irreplaceable. We will continue to champion the cause for veteran suicide prevention and pray that someday, the 17 veterans lost each day will get closer and closer to zero.