Webster Combustion Provides Combination Burners with Increased Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Reduced Emissions

Every boiler needs a burner, and Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) proudly represents Webster Combustion Technology LLC: a Kansas-based manufacturer that provides the highly efficient JBE Series Burners.

According to EEE Director of Sales Kevin Warren, “Webster’s JB and JBE Series Burners are some of the most competitively priced and reliable burners in our industry.” Warren added that in addition to the reliability of the JBE, he prefers the multi-fuel boiler-burners, “Webster offers burners that can work with a variety of fuel sources to include natural gas (the most common), #2, #4, #6 fuel oil, propane, and some bio-fuels.”

Florida boiler rooms are prone to power outages and power surges, so having a fuel back-up plan is essential, according to Webster’s National Sales Manager Eric Graham. He added that EEE is a long-time trusted representative of Webster.

Because Webster offers burners that can fire multiple fuels, Warren explained that this should be a part of a boiler room back-up plan that can solve problems in hours as opposed to experiencing down-time for days. “A cut or disabled fuel line can lead to an unexpected interruption of your primary fuel source, so you need a burner that accommodate a variety of fuels,” said Warren

EEE works with a number of Florida-based schools, universities and hospitals that appreciate the reliability and affordability of Webster’s high efficiency burners due to the superior mixing of fuel and air that results in lower motor horsepower requirement, which results in significant total energy savings.

How does the JBE Series Provide the Best Possible Return on Your Burner Investment?

Webster has combined their unique high swirl firing head technology with a highly efficient in-line combustion air fan to provide improved mixing of the fuel and air, and lower motor horsepower requirements. This combination allows the JBE series burners to operate with low excess air across a large operating range. Less excess air means high fuel efficiency, and high efficiency combined with high turndown means very low heat loss in your boiler that can result from cycling when a burner is stopping and starting. (webster-engineering.com)

Warren added that “The Webster JBE is more efficient, because it combines the in-line motor and high swirl firing head to create an overall mix that minimizes O2
levels for low to no CO burn.

To evaluate the potential cost savings, Webster has provided an Efficiency Comparison Calculator on their website at https://www.webster-engineering.com/product.php?id=18

Contact EEE, your Webster Combustion representative, to determine your potential cost savings and to help you secure a back-up plan for your boiler room at info@eeeinc.net; call us at 863-682-3333, or visit our Webster Combustion Features Page at https://eeeinc.net/webster/ #TheBetterBoilerBurner

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