Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) kicked off 2021 by helping one of our boiler clients “right size” their boiler, burner, and controls for efficiency, cost savings, and reliability.

Originally, two (2) x 1200 horsepower (HP) boilers had been installed in our client’s processing plant.  Over time, the processing plant assumed the function of a storage facility that no longer needed two large boilers.  In fact, only about 20 – 30% of the older boiler was being used.

Kevin Warren, EEE Director of Sales, explained that when only 20-30% of the boiler was needed, the amount of energy required to heat the vessel and generate steam is the same. “In addition to the costs of heating the entire oversized boiler shell, the older boilers are not as efficient.  Our client wanted to lower their costs and increase their efficiency.”

Warren added, “In 2014 we “derated” the burner of the first, (#1 boiler) and installed a smaller Webster burner to improve reliability.  Also, we added AUTOFLAME linkage-less controls to increase the efficiency. The cost savings were instantaneous.”

To further increase efficiency, the next logical step was to add a new Hurst boiler.  As boilers age, if not maintained, they work less efficiently and require more energy (and fuel) to meet heating needs.  The need for more fuel means increased costs, and the older boilers create a larger carbon footprint.  Less cost, less waste, and greater efficiency is the goal of many EEE clients.

Warren explained that though the needs of the storage facility had changed, there was no need to change both boilers at the same time.  Instead, they added a 500HP Webster JBE burner to the older boiler and upgraded its AUTOFLAME controls from a Mark 7 to a Mark 8 for compatibility.

“We selected the smaller Hurst 400 Series boiler: an ideal choice that uses the latest technologies available form Webster Combustion and AUTOFLAME controls for increased efficiency and reduced costs,” added Warren.

According to the Hurst website, “The Hurst 400 Series boiler provides fuel efficiencies that exceed most four-pass designs. Having no large refractory rear door, these boilers allow one technician easy access to all tubes. The boiler’s front doors can be opened without removing any burner components or controls.”

Warren explained that the plan to upgrade one boiler with a new burner and new controls while installing a new, smaller boiler was customized to meet their client’s needs. 

At EEE, we spend the time necessary to meet the needs of each individual client.  No two clients are alike, nor are any two boiler rooms.  We proudly represent state of the art equipment from our manufacturers like Hurst, Webster, and AUTOFLAME, and they ALWAYS deliver.

Give us a call today at 863-682-3333, or send us an e-mail at  We would love to get your project started in 2021:  the year you can begin saving on fuel costs and increasing your boiler’s efficiency.

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