Boilerroom Equipment Inc. (BEI) Provides a HeatSponge Economizer

As manufacturers’ representatives for “products that produce results,” Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) specializes in selecting the best equipment to meet our clients’ needs.  Often, we are asked how to save energy; how to reduce costs; and how to reduce a company’s carbon footprint.  All of these objectives can be met with the addition of an economizer—specifically the new generation of boiler economizers:  the HeatSponge by Boilerroom Equipment, Inc. (BEI).

BEI is a division of Thermal Energy International that engineers and manufactures ASME pressure vessels for many different industries. They are best known as the innovators behind the HeatSponge brand of boiler economizers:  the most modern steam boiler economizer available to global industry today.

When asked why EEE recommends the HeatSponge, EEE Director of Sales Kevin Warren explained that the newer generation economizer does not require ASME welds.  “Without requiring ASME welds, it means means repairs are easier, and usually, no code inspection is required—that saves time and money upfront.” 

The BEI HeatSponge product lines were designed to maximize heat transfer via a heat exchanger that is used to transfer energy from an air stream into a liquid stream.  Most economizers use the flue gas that exits the boiler to preheat boiler feedwater being delivered to the boiler. Most natural gas or fuel oil-fired boilers will utilize economizers, because water absorbs heat better than a flue gas can transfer it.

Kevin Warren said that the addition of a boiler economizer often arises when start-up plans are made, but he has recommended adding a BEI HeatSponge after a boiler is in place. “We are often asked how boiler rooms can be more efficient, and often the conversation starts with how can we use less fuel?” Warren explained, “Wasted heat means wasted money…by extracting/recovering heat, it means you use less fuel.”

Recovering heat in an economizer is based on the Law of Thermodynamics. The flue gas exiting boilers contains a great deal of energy that cannot be recovered inside of the boiler itself. The gases inside of the boiler cannot be lowered to a temperature less than the temperature of the saturated water inside of the boiler. The HeatSponge product lines were designed to maximize heat transfer.

Greater efficiency means enhanced return on investment (ROI) in the boiler room operation. Warren explained that the fuel efficiency is gained by capturing the heat where the flue gases exit the boiler, “The gas heat is going through the economizer via the stack before being expelled into the atmosphere.  Those gases would otherwise enter our atmosphere increasing the carbon footprint and decreasing the heat capture,” said Warren.

HeatSponge steam boiler economizers reflect the global state-of-the-art for heat recovery. These High-Value-Added economizers were engineered from the ground up to be highly efficient and easily maintainable providing for a very long and productive life. Among the latest innovation are the Two-Stage HeatSponges which allow for optimum heat recovery by integrating two separate heat exchangers into one casing and can increase the efficiency of steam boilers to over 90%. EEE is proud to represent BEI and distribute the most innovative economizers available: the  HeatSponge.  With over 100 years of combined experience in the boiler business, the EEE team helps clients choose products that produce results while producing steam for applications from hospitals to theme parks to factories to distilleries throughout the state of Florida.  For more information about the manufacturers represented and products provided by Engineered Energy Equipment, go to

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