Weather the Storm, Part 3. Heavy winds and your stack.

(you can find part 2 here)

Engineered Energy Equipment Provides Boilers, Burners and Auxiliary Equipment in Florida

Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) is a Florida-based manufacturers’ representative. They sell and service the highest quality boilers, burners, and auxiliary boiler room equipment. They are also proud to be a part of the Van-Packer family.

The stack line is the best for the Florida climate where chimneys, vents, and exhaust systems are subject to abuse. High winds, earth movement, and excessive and sustained sunlight and heat damage stacks and chimneys.

The Nature Of A Stack and Chimney System

Stack, by its very nature, reaches the highest elevation in a given area. Chimneys also are prone to extraordinary corrosion and combustion processes that need to be regularly inspected for deteriorated linings.

“It is also good practice with all chimneys, vents and exhaust systems to inspect them annually to ensure that no unusual conditions exist.” (Van-Packer)

In addition, Kevin Warren, Director of Sales for EEE, said that the company chose to represent Van-Packer for many reasons—not the least of which is the ability for the stack to sustain 100mph winds. The EEE team has proudly installed Van-Packer stack in their clients’ facilities to include Tampa General Hospital, AdventHealth System, and Disney. However, the list of clients doesn’t end there!

Warren said, “Van-Packer also manufactures venting systems for condensing boilers equal to the infamous AL294C material referred to as the VP 1738A.  This material is made and used especially for high moisture applications such as condensing boilers. “

In addition, “Van Packer has been with EEE since our beginning in 2005, and they remain one of our core manufactures…every petroleum-fired boiler needs a stack, and we incorporate that into our product presentations and proposals.”

Van-Packer Chimneys

Also, according to their website, Van-Packer Company has continuously produced Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed chimneys since 1944. And at the same location! (Buda, Illinois)

During that time, the company has increased its manufacturing floor space under roof to 81,136 sq. ft. (Van-Packer)

In addition to their history and quality, Warren also was asked why EEE selected to represent Van-Packer instead of other brands.

“They meet the highest approvals and industry standards, and they are at an affordable price point for our clients.”


“Firstly, Van-Packer gives a 1-year warranty and offers an extended 15-year warranty. For a long-lasting, competitive price and easily installed chimney let Van-Packer assist you. With System Design, Corrosion Analysis, and Thermal Analysis, you’ll get the complete package.

In conclusion, EEE and Van-Packer help clients weather the storm. For more information about the manufacturers represented and products provided by Engineered Energy Equipment, go to

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