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Who says you can't please everybody? The goal of any business is, of course, to generate profits, and we are no exception. The way we look at this responsibility, however, is quite refreshing for you. We generate our profits by making sure you are happy with every interaction you have with us. We constantly examine and analyze every facet of our business and how it is run to ensure that things are easy, valuable, and thorough in every single case. There is nothing more important—and nothing more profit-generating for us—than your happiness and perspective of our performance.

If there's one phrase that could sum up exactly how we operate, it would be client-oriented. Everything that we do is looked at side-by-side next to the benefits that it provides for you, and your return on investment. When you get a healthy return on your investment, so do we. How much more simple could it be? Not much, we think. Empty promises? We dare you to prove us wrong!

Kevin Warren
Kevin Warren

Director of Project Development

Kevin Warren started his education as a boiler technician in 1976, attending "BT A School" as a member of the US Navy.

Kevin worked his way up the chain of command and, in 1999, retired from the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, at which time he entered the civilian community.

He began working in a panel shop building instrument panels and performing electro/mechanical equipment calibration.

Later in 1999, while pursuing a more interesting and rewarding career, Kevin joined a local boiler service company selling services and repairs.

In 2001, he changed gears again and joined a boiler sales company selling and promoting several different lines of equipment.

As his success grew in yet another area of the boiler business, Hubble & Kevin started Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. and is the Director of Project Development, where he oversees equipment sizing, sales and marketing for the Company.

Hubble Keller
Hubble Keller


Hubble Keller has a long and extensive background in the boiler and burner business.

Hubble started in his family owned boiler and burner business, Keller & Associates, Inc, in 1989, as a general laborer, which included sweeping the floors and washing trucks.

He continued to pursue the trade and, in 1993, had honed his skills as a certified welder and continued to grow and learn the business. In 1996 he moved into the position as Lead Foreman.

Hubble was also charged with the duties of Head Estimator in 1997, and carried out those duties until 2003, at which time he was promoted to Director of Operations, overseeing all the day to day operations and logistics.

In 2005, Hubble became the Vice president of Engineered Energy Equipment, Inc. and oversees the estimating of most projects.

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